Embutido Cordon Bleu

You do run the risk of the combination of two well-liked dishes not working out. This might be the result of contrasting flavours or excessively dissimilar cooking techniques. But because of their similarities— from their meatiness to their delightful tender, flavorful interiors, I decided to recreate two beloved classics. And the outcome? Beautiful Embutido Cordon Bleu, please!

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What does embutido cordon bleu taste like?

Given its irresistible cheesiness and satisfying crispy exterior, cordon bleu is unquestionably a delicious dish as is. However, I came up with a fantastic revision to the recipe that included some additional sweetness as well as some vegetables to add colour and flavour.

You can anticipate that now that embutido has been added to the mix. With the help of ingredients like raisin and sweet pickle relish, our dish receives a touch of sweetness while retaining the savoury flavour of the ham and Swiss cheese in the cordon bleu. The complete list of ingredients is shown here.

Embutido Cordon Bleu

Ingredients in Embutido Cordon Bleu


First up, we will get 8 slices of ham. We’re using two of these in each roll for our dish.

Swiss cheese

Any type of Swiss cheese will do the trick in providing a mild, somewhat sweet flavor to the meal. Like our ham, we will use 8 slices of this.

All-purpose flour

Also, have ½ cup of all-purpose flour ready for a coating of the embutido.


You’ll also want 3 eggs, 1 of which we will use for the embutido mixture. The rest is needed for coating the dish with breadcrumbs.

Panko breadcrumbs

Speaking of the ingredient, you should also prepare 1 ½ cups of panko breadcrumbs for a perfectly crunchy feel that makes this embutido a lot more like cordon bleu.

Cooking oil

And you definitely can’t forget about this component. Grab 2 cups of cooking oil, which we need for deep frying.

Embutido ingredients:

Ground pork

Embutido is essentially a Filipino version of the classic meatloaf so you’re sure to need some ground pork to bring this recipe to life. Add 1 lb. of ground pork to the grocery list.

Embutido Cordon Bleu

Ground chicken

For that perfectly meaty taste, you’ve also got to have 1 lb. of ground chicken.

Knorr Chicken Cube

And then we’re also going to integrate 1 Knorr Chicken Cube to really draw out the flavor of the white meat. But you need to mash this before we add it to the mix.

Sweet pickle relish

And for a one-of-a-kind sweetness, we’ll be using no other than ¼ cup of sweet pickle relish.

Cheddar cheese

Just to ensure that we integrate this ingredient well into the embutido, we need to grate our cheddar cheese. And then we’re using 1 cup of that for the mixture.

Red bell pepper

This ingredient can really aid both your eye and heart health so I really would not skip out on adding 1 red bell pepper. You also need to mince this.


Having some digestion issues? Raisins are rich in fiber to help out with that, as well as antioxidants, along with plenty of other health benefits. Luckily, we’re using ½ cup for this dish!


You should also mince 1 carrot to add a bit of a crunch to the embutido.


And you can expect a richer flavor with 1 onion we’ve minced.


We also can’t forget about salt, which we will use 1 teaspoon of.

Ground black pepper

And as an always fitting partner to our salt, get ½ teaspoon of ground black pepper ready.


Unlike the previous one, this part of the recipe does not call for a specific type of breadcrumbs. Simply make sure to have ¾ cup of this. 

Dijon Sauce:

Heavy whipping cream

A complementary tangy and savory flavor can really boost this dish, which is why we’re making some delicious Dijon sauce! You’ll need ½ cup of heavy whipping cream to start this off.

Dijon mustard

Then you should also integrate 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard.


Also slice a bit of butter, specifically 1 ½ tablespoons of this.

Yellow onion

For a bit of a lighter onion flavor, you’re going to mince some yellow onion, which we will need 2 tablespoons of.

Embutido Cordon Bleu


Our sauce also calls for some salt, but it depends on you how much you’d like to add!

How to Make Embutido Cordon Bleu

1. Mixing the embutido components

  • Combining ground pork, ground chicken, Knorr Chicken Cube, sweet pickle relish, cheddar cheese, red bell pepper, raisins, carrot, onion, egg, salt, ground black pepper, and breadcrumbs – Once you have put all of this in your bowl, go ahead and mix them together thoroughly.

2. Assembling, steaming the roll

  • Arranging ingredients on foil – Place a sheet of foil on a flat surface, and then put ¾ cup of your meat mixture from earlier on top. Spread it evenly. Now place 2 slices of ham on top of this. We will then add 2 slices of cheese over the ham. Then roll the foil carefully, and then secure this by twisting the ends, but too tightly.
  • Steam the roll for 1 hour – After that, you can take this out, and then just wait for it to cool. Remove the foil wrap.

3. Cooking the embutido

  • Heating oil – Pour 2 cups of cooking oil into a pan, and then just let this heat up.
  • Coating the embutido – Dredge your roll with the foil taken off in your all-purpose flour. The next step would be to coat this in your beaten egg and then cover it with panko breadcrumbs all over. Repeat this for every role you have.
  • Deep frying the embutido – Now just put this in your pan with the hot oil. Continue cooking until you’ve gotten it to turn golden brown.

4. Making the sauce

  • Melting butter, and adding other ingredients – Put your butter in a saucepan, and then apply some heat so it can melt. Then incorporate your onion so it can be cooked until it softens. Now let’s add our heavy whipping cream, and then stir this. Afterward, put your Dijon mustard inside. Once again, we will stir the mixture, and then keep everything cooking with low to medium heat.
  • Let the sauce reduce to half – Once it gets to that point, you can sprinkle in some salt to your preference.

5. Plating the Embutido Cordon Bleu

  • Arranging the dish – Now just put your deliciously cooked Embutido Cordon Bleu on your preferred plate. Pour your creamy Dijon sauce onto a separate container, and serve this alongside your dish.

Got any questions about making this recipe? Comment your queries below, and I’ll make sure to answer them!

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